How to find funding for a film

It can be difficult to source money for projects, particularly in a time where the government have cut arts budgets. However, don't be disheartened as there is always money out there! Here is a brief guide to a few options out there.

How can I find funding for my film?

- Crowd-funding. This is a brilliant financial model which allows lots of people to donate small amounts of money, which can build to reach a target you set. In return you can give rewards and pledges as a 'Thank you' for their donation. For example, if they give £20, they'll be thanked in the credits and given and a poster signed by the artists. If you give £100, you could be given the above plus invited to the screening once the movie is complete. It's important to make a good promo video on the hosting website (Not too long) and to also set a realistic goal, explain the use of all the money and spread the word using any methods you can (Social networks are a good one).

- Planning what you need and seeing if you can get it for free, rather than the cash to spend on buying/renting it. Businesses tend to be more willing to give you something for free (I.e. a location if you explain there's no money in the film or an office chair), then cash. If you can work out reasonable and fair things that you could persuade people to lend you, this may reduce your budget and require less "Cash", whilst still having everything you wanted and needed.

- Apply for funding through various companies. There are plenty of websites which provide information for funding. However, one particular website that always comes up in my emails with funding applications is 'IdeasTap', an online arts magazine with lots of opportunities for all creatives. They regularly have 'briefs' open to help new or up-and-coming film-makers. Although, there are other sites which offer other schemes, bursaries and competitions, it's all about doing your research and keeping your eyes open for anything that comes up.

Overall, I think you need to plan extremely well, be realistic and stay positive. If you really have a passion to create a film and you know what you want, then there are always ways to achieve it.