How to fund training that will help further your acting career

If you have teaching experience, you can fund your acting career by using this to your full advantage by working as a freelance teacher. This can pay up to £20 per hour and will be flexible (to suit your needs as an actor).

If you don't have this experience, you could always volunteer in a school for a few weeks in order to gain this experience as long as you have a part time job to sustain yourself (see later in the article).

On the subject of education, T.I.E (theatre in education) is also quite lucrative and can provide regular and flexible funding for the actor. Some companies can pay up to £100 or more per workshop. Research your local area, and find your local T.I.E. groups and apply to them directly.

Last but certainly not least, every actor should have a flexible part time job that they can rely on when work is sparse, or when funding training to further their career, as in this case.

Jobs such as a bar worker or waitress/waiter are physically hard work, but usually have the flexibility that you require. There is also the added bonus of tips in this jobs. You could work in the restaurant of a theatre and this would still keep you near to the environment that you wish to be in.

Working in a theatre could be a brilliant option as they too usually understand that an actor's rota has to be flexible. Jobs in theatre include things such as box office staff and ushers. There is also the perk of complimentary tickets for staff in theatres usually. This will benefit you as an actor as it will keep you aware of what is happening in theatre and increase your knowledge of play, actors and directors.