How to get noticed by producers

To get noticed by Producers you must create a professional profile with latest photos. photos must be taken by proffessional photographer. It's always good to have selection of photos with variety of outfits and looks including Headshots, mid-lengths and full shots. A good profile shot from both sides of your face and front on with no make-up. Remember YOU are a product, YOU need to sell yourself, YOU are unique, therefore there is no one like YOU! Preparation for shoot is very important. Get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water at all times to keep your body hydrated and eat good nutritious foods for healthy skin, bright eyes and healthy looking hair.

When choosing photos for your profile always get a 2nd opinion from another person or photographer because they know what type of photos get noticed and make you look the part!

So an eye catching photo is chosen for your profile and you will need to write a short Bio about yourself which is relavant in Acting world to give an idea of your experience and qualifications and hobbies if any. Producer likes what he sees, what he reads about you and now he may want to see your acting showreel to see what you sound like on camera and also how confident you are too! In my opinion the showreel should not be more than 2 minutes long. Again, make sure your Showreel is professional with clear sound showing emotions with your charactor. Producer will see how confident you are infront of camera and if your acting is natural or not. Be as natural as possibe and practice your poses infront of the mirror to see which is your best side for a pose. The more you practice the easier and natural you will be infront of the camera. So get yourself out there and aim to the TOP!