Commercial Audition Coaching Session | Facebook Live | + JOBS!

Casting director, Ashley-Lauren Elrod of Liz Lewis Casting Partners, will be doing a series of one-on-one sessions with several Mandy members on Wednesday, January 3rd! For this session, actors will be given a commercial copy in advance by Ashley-Lauren which they will then perform for her and receive feedback and notes. Actors will also have the chance to have Ashley-Lauren review their materials (headshots, reel, etc.) and answer their questions.


Milne Studio extends a big thank you to Mandy Members for attending their ground-breaking Ultimate Acting Bootcamps earlier this month. The self-tapes received were wonderful and the significant growth of students throughout the bootcamps was a joy to watch. Learn about the bootcamp, member experiences, links to self-tapes from camp, their faculty, and classes here.

Join us on the Mandy Facebook page in two hours as we discuss the ways in which you can monetize your film with renowned film producer, director and CEO of short film streaming platform Argo, Arcadiy Golubovich! RSVP to the event to be notified as soon as we go live!

As our industry wrestles with an unprecedented climate that has dramatically changed how creative professionals work, you might be finding yourself looking for ways to still work on your craft. While many productions, festivals and movie theatres may have temporarily closed their doors, this does not mean we cannot stay connected with our industry and create compelling content. Read our top tips on how to make content during lockdown!

Are you an actor? Writer? Comedian? Are you looking to put together a voice demo? Then this challenge is for you! Our friend Jason Deline is hosting a five-day mini-workshop with daily exercises to help you create five distinct characters for use in animation, novels, radio dramas, education, screenplays, or just for fun. You can find out more about this project as well as his private coaching sessions here.

Medication Commercial, Toronto

A production company is looking for 3 actors for a whimsical 15 second spot for a medication commercial. Salary: $1,000 per day. Apply now.

Condo Community Commercial, Victoria

Casting a real-life couple, with young professional looks for a commercial. Salary: $500 flat fee. Apply now.

Music Video, Toronto

Casting Call for a Male Dancer to perform in a choreographed dance routine with a female partner for a music video. Salary: $500 Per Day. Apply now.

Tech Company Commercial, Toronto

Casting actors for a 45 second commercial announcing the release of a new mobile website builder by a tech company. Salary: $350 Per Day. Apply now.

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