Canadian Location Scout Available

I am a native born, well traveled Canadian and understand the nooks and crannies in almost every city in Canada.

( and NYC and London UK too!)

Lets take your script and bring your imagination to life!

I understand Lighting / depth and conceptualization like nobodies business.

I am a pro photographer/ stylist / aesthetician / nurse and photojournalist.

With so much eclectic insight, you get a person who loves to seek out the metropolitan, the rural, the urban and suburban.....all the epic backdrops for your creations!

I have no problems knocking on the doors as required and convincing the right people that they want to allow your production to be set there. To top it all off...

I can even capture all the stills you need while I'm at it...

I love big jobs and small...Text me with your vision today! 4039777427