Freelance Storyboard Artist-live Action-i Am Available Mid September

I do remote work, worldwide.

Do you need a Live-Action storyboard Artist for a film, short film, TV/WEB Project?

I also do video game storyboards for cinematics.

Are you looking to hire on a long term basis?

In three weeks, (Mid-September) I'll be available to accept work.

Be sure to add your name to my list if you're interested.

I've already started to add some clients.

So far, I got a returning client from Sweden for the End of August.

Beginning of September...maybe mid-September, I have a U.S. base director that will work with me for some boards for a live-action project feature film. This should only be a couple of scenes and not the whole script will need to be boarded.

Fair warning:

Make sure to reserve if you can.

My fees are in U.S. currency

I work via Paypal.

Contact me for my competitive industry prices.