Personal Executive Legal Assistant

Resourceful, energetic personal assistant extraordinaire and domestic dynamo. A continually evolving computer geek, able to efficiently navigate precarious and chaotic terrain while maintaining a sense of humor and pleasant disposition. Integrity, discretion and confidentiality are of paramount importance, as is a solid set of personal ethics, family values and regular dental visits. Endorses retail therapy, believing a new pair of shoes can make your whole day, but so can walking barefoot across freshly cut grass. Holds a strong appreciation of an orderly workspace, an aesthetically pleasing environment, the complete recordings of Robert Johnson and the great outdoors. Embraces the healing properties of laughter, fresh air and homemade matzo ball soup. Creating balance and structure from pandemonium, making your day better by anticipating what you need and delivering before you knew it was necessary. Finds pleasure in a job well done and pride of accomplishment in making it look easy. A gift wrap maven who knows your list and checks it twice, you'll never show up empty handed or forget to send flowers. Prefers a day at the beach to a night on the town and feels a good read on a rainy day is a perfect use of time. Adamant that there is not a single actor that can precisely personify Dirk Pitt and that Neil Peart was the greatest drummer of all time. An organizational overachiever, efficiency enthusiast and punctuality purist. List making, fact checking, letter writing, appointment setting, checkbook balancing, dog walking, pantry stocking, personal shopping - you name it. No task is too small. A personal superhero, at your service.

Resume & references happily provided upon request.