TV Show directory - Atlantis

A fantasy drama set in a world of legendary heroes and mythical creatures. Far from home, Jason washes up on the shores of the ancient and mysterious city of Atlantis.

Production Company: BBC

Year of Publication: 2013

Companies connected with this show

BBC Urban Myth Films

Connected mandy members

Louis Samms
Stunt Double (Peter De Jersey)
Larry Mills
Supporting Actor - 'Young Jason'
Sandro Henriques
Visual Effects Artist
Sequence Lead / Senior Compositor
Atlantian guard
Season 2
Sarah Elizabeth Harrison
Wardrobe Supervisor
Costume Standby
Undead Soldier
Season 2 , Episode 5
Rebecca Gresham
Art Dept Assistant
Work Experience - Art Department
C J Ashen
Seb Coussens
Benjamin Freeden
Production Assistant
Floor Runner
Season 2
Rikki Hanson
Sound Recordist
2nd Unit Mixer
Gareth Webb
AD (3rd)
3rd Assistant Director
Denise Heywood
Costume Maker
Principal Costume Cutter
Season 2
Anwar Fayrouz
Production Assistant
Runner / Trainee
Sam Rintoul
Supporting Artist and Bodydouble
Jack Woods
Sound Assistant
1st AS
Edward Price
Camera Trainee
Camera Trainee
Jessica Currie
Wardrobe Assistant
Costume Trainee
Jordan Luke
Editor (Assistant)
Sound Assistant