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Casualty (also known as CASUAL+Y) is the longest running emergency medical drama series in the world! It first aired on BBC 1 in 1986 and has run uninterrupted since then.

The series focuses on the Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department of the fictional Holby City Hospital in the fictional county of Wyvern. The shows was shot in Bristol from 1986-2011 and is now shot on a purpose built lot in Cardiff, Roath Lock studio. Roath Lock also plays host to BBC shows Doctor Who & Welsh soap Pobol y Cym.

In 2017 the show aired a breakthrough live episode to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The episode followed the veteran nurse Lisa “Duffy” Duffin played by Cathy Shipton as she navigates the emergency room in which the show is set with a single roving camera delivering the 'single take' feature length episode.

Derek Thompson is the longest standing actor in the cast, playing nurse Charlie Fairhead. He has taken breaks over the 30+ year, but has always returned to the show. He has also appeared in the spin off show Holby City. The spin off show has seen great success and has been running since 1999.

The show also inspired three additional mini series set in London:

Casualty broadcasts in Ireland and viewers in the US can watch the show on Britbox.

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Production Company: BBC

Year of Publication: 1986

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