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Holby City is a successful spin-off of the BBC's Casualty (the longest running medical TV show in the world). The show aired for the first time in 1999 and has broadcast uninterrupted since then. It follows the lives of surgeons & nurses at the fictional Holby City Hospital.

The drama is now shot in Cardiff along side Casualty, however prior to this move it was shot in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

Casualty and Holby City often host crossover episodes where cast from each show share story lines. Charlie Fairhead, a nurse played by Derek Thompson joined the Holby City cast after his historic stint on Casualty (he would later return).

The show has continued to consistently draw in a healthy 4 million weekly viewers. The show has over 100 TV award nominations with 10 wins.

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Holby City spawned a short lived police procedure drama call Holbyblue which ran from 2007-2008 for 2 seasons.

Production Company: BBC

Year of Publication: 1999

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Lianne Harvey
Voice Over: English
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Technical Adviser
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Lynn Grant
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Lorna Gillieron
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Costume Supervisor
John Pyke
Callum Ward
Production Assistant
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Terry Hurley
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Elizabeth Benbow
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