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Narrated and co-executive produced by Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, "Race for the White House" captures the high-stakes drama, dirty politics and Machiavellian schemes employed during history's most dramatic presidential elections. Using archival footage, interviews and stylized dramatizations, each hourlong episode tells the story of one presidential campaign, "a four-year, no-holds-barred battle to become the most powerful person in the world, culminating in a single night of heart pounding tension," says CNN. Among the races covered: Abraham Lincoln/Stephen Douglas, John F. Kennedy/Richard Nixon, and George H.W. Bush/Michael Dukakis.

Production Company: Potus Productions

Year of Publication: 2016

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Roosevelt vs Taft
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Season 1 , Episode 2
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Season 1 , Episode 6
George H.W. Bush
Season 1 , Episode 3
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Season 1 , Episode 6