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rom an early age Dann Firestorm was chaseing his dream. His life started in rags, shooting movies on his Nokia 3650, to riches, produceing music videos with high caliber artists and Hollywood epics. Now Dann finds himself as CEO of Destiny Films and Productions UK with offices in London, Paris, L.A, Tokyo, and Japan.

In the last 3 years Dann has produced many epics includeing: Quantum of Danger, The Captive, Ghetto Life, Quantum of Danger 2, The Last Commando and most recently Special Delivery, about an ex-CIA agent who's family was murdered by drug lords and terrorists. Dann also has plans to finish the 'Quantum Trilogy' in 2013. The film is now in pre-production and looking for funding.

Dann has also produced a range of professional music videos with an impressive portfolio featuring the likes of Lyrikal Science, DR Left Hook, Starbucks, Q-Rap and most recently MC Greenhill of the Lammas Park Crew. Some of his videos has been featured on Grime Daily that no longer exists.

As well as offering entertainment media, Dann also produces corporate and promotional videos for businesses such as Smith's Box Factory in Devonshire, UK.

Connected mandy members:

Johnny Topping
2013, Noble, Hotel guest (extra)
Bianca Rudman
2013, NOBLE, Nun
Up Holland
Craig Walters
2013, Noble, Talent Show Crowd Member

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