Company of Sirens

Company of Sirens is a theatre company which aims to take challenging and innovative Welsh drama to theatre and non-theatre venues throughout Wales and abroad.

The company seek to work in partnership with exciting Welsh Artists and vital contemporary writers creating work that addresses contentious issues relevant for Welsh audiences and employing Welsh practitioners in its delivery.
The company uses as its model international performance groups such as the New York City Players, The Wooster Group and Ranters Theatre Australia.
The work will be developed through sharing, best practice and exploration and we activly seek to collaborate with like minded companies and individuals.
We have presented Welsh premiers of the plays Sean Tyrone (Cardiff and Ireland) Stitching (Chapter ArtsCardiff).and staged a bare bones presentation of Ian Rowland's play Troyanne that supported the plays international development process.

Experiential Theatre

We believe theatre should address issues central to our lives and seek to create catharsis. We look to present confrontational and contentious material onstage as a means of involving and affecting our audience in its issues. We aim though our productions metaphorically to grab the audience by the scruff of the neck so it is impossible to ignore or avoid the issues of the play.We look to unsettle by emotional frankness, and disturb by acute questioning of moral norms. We want the audience to experience the extreme emotions being shown on stage and to take that feeling and those thoughts with them after they leave the theatre. Our work looks to question individual outlook and provide a platform for debate.
We perform in small theatres and spaces, seeking to involve the audience in the action through creative staging. Cast members are often situated within the audience so they become implicated in the themes and issues of the play.

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