Pattern Maker Films

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Founded by Neilson Black, Pattern Maker Films is an independent production company specializing in narrative short and feature films.
The soul of the company works with the philosophy of “dreaming an inspiring idea which paves a path for its audience to follow. Dream, Lead and Inspire.”

From a young age, Neilson found a love for films; making them with an old camcorder. At twenty he went to film school then became a runner to learn the business whilst constructing scripts. He eventually founded Pattern Maker Films to apply his philosophy and vision “dream, lead, inspire” to the world of moving images.

The company currently has six short films in its portfolio, and is in the process of preparing its first feature film for 2017.

Connected mandy members:

Michael Zgatni
2020, Café Mirage, Fabrice
Victoria Malinjod
2020, Café Mirage, Ava
Grace E Hendy
2020, Café Mirage, Chelsea
Louis Mackenzie
2020, Café Mirage, Guillaume (Barman)
Thomas Arensen
2020, Café Mirage, Patrice
Paul Higginson
2020, Cafe Mirage, Yanis
Joshua Samuels
2020, Cafe Mirage, Charlie
Ramone Truong
Ramone Truong
Makeup Artist (SFX)
2020, Cafe Mirage, Hair & Makeup Artist
Ndongo Faye
Ndongo Faye
2020, Cafe Mirage, Gustave
Alessandra De Palma
Alessandra De Palma
Production Designer
2019, Pattern Maker Films, Production Designer / Costume Designer
Sally Byrne
Sally Byrne
Costume Designer
2019, Cafe Mirage, Costume Assistant
Benjamin Dunkerley
2019, Cafe Mirage, Extra (speaking role, French)
Maciej Londo
Maciej Londo
Sound Recordist
2019, Cafe Mirage, Production Sound Mixer
Catarina Cesar
Catarina Cesar
Production Assistant
2019, Café Mirage, Costume & Props Assistant
Rufus Williams
2019, Cafe Mirage, Production Assistant
Lauren Lorenzo
Lauren Lorenzo
2019, Cafe Mirage, Production Manager/Line Producer
Alle Dowska
Alle Dowska
2018, New you, editor
Wilson Benedito
2018, New You, Fashion Designer
Nick Hayles
Nick Hayles
2018, New You, Daz Wakefield
South London Studios
Joshua Woolery-Allen
2018, New You, Runner

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