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FILM Suffolk’s aim is to advance filmmaking activity in the region and grow East Anglia to a significant contributor to the UK film economy.

The film and video business can generate a sustainable, economic growth through the hundreds of millions of pounds spent annually for "on-location" production. A studio-based feature film can spend upwards of £150,000 per day in a local economy and a large national or international television commercial can generate local spending of up to £1 million in two weeks. The economic impact generated by productions can positively impact local hotels, car and truck rental, catering, local cast and crew, and a host of other local businesses. Finally, film production can help generate sustained growth in tourism when a region or community is featured in a successful film.

We want Suffolk to be on the forefront of this growth area and be recognised as a media production hub within easy reach of the european film production capital.

Suffolk is ideal for filmmakers seeking to draw the benefits of shooting not too far from London, but with all the advantages of having access to highly skilled crew, talent and great facilities.

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