Sparkle and Dark's Travelling Players

Stories are our business, telling them our craft. We love it and it is what we get up for in the morning. The blood, the sweat, the tears, the amazing highs when something magic happens on stage. This is what we live for, for without stories then what are we? Are we human without stories? Now there’s a question.

Our passion is new writing. We create stories from the things that inspire us; the events, concepts and moral dilemmas that we find in the world and set our pulses racing. We are however (as you might have guessed) suckers for a good yarn, wherever it comes from so adaptation is a road we will soon be embarking upon.

Our mission is to make heart-crunching, nail-biting, pant-wetting theatre made from stories that connect to the deeper and darker parts of the soul.

Our style is whatever best serves the story, which changes every time we make something new. Saying this, puppetry is our specialism and many of our characters have started their lives as blocks of wood or lumps of plasticine and I imagine this will continue into our future.

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