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Life Productions recognises how demanding and busy life is for a parent, and how quickly time passes. Finding the time to document precious moments, whilst also living them and enjoying them can be a challenge. Moreover, many parents don't have the expertise or confidence to film and then edit the footage.

This is where Life Productions can help. They are proud to present 1 2 21, an inspired use of the film/digital medium to create a film of your family or child. Creative and technologically innovative, their skills and knowledge enable them to capture your unique family story.

Each filmed ‘chapter’ captures a period of time in the life of your child. As time goes by a story will unfold showing the development of his/her physical features, unique personality, voice and style, influenced by the era in which he/she is filmed.

Life Productions’ great strength is their ability to concentrate on the individual’s story. Their professional and friendly crew create a relaxed, natural atmosphere, enhancing your comfort while you and your family are being filmed. (Each chapter is approximately 5 hours of filming). Their aim, and privilege, is to build bespoke, magical experiences around you.

They also provide an optional digital journal which you can use to upload your own pictures or video clips, capturing the thoughts and experiences of your child prior to filming; They then weave this into the video film wherever possible.

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