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With offices in LA, Toronto and the UK, Our House Media is a content creation company on a mission to create innovative, original formats, entertaining and returnable shows with the highest production values for audiences in the US, UK, Canada, and worldwide.

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

Simon Sekulovich
2020, My Paranormal Nightmare, Principal - Grandpa
Jorge Victoria
Jorge Victoria
2020, My Paranormal Nightmare, B Cam - Interview Segments
Justen Williams
2020, Murder Wall, Lead
Owen Maldonado
Owen Maldonado
Production Assistant
2020, Jenna Lyons Project, Production Assistant
Matthew Baniak
2020, An Unexpected Killer, Principle
Gabriel Hudson
2020, An Unexpected Killer, Robert Collins
Sean Meldrum
Sean Meldrum
2020, America's Biggest Mysteries - Ep 106, Travis Walton / Principal
Rebecca England
2019, Web of Lies, Juvenile correctional officer
Andres Galeano
Andres Galeano
Editor (Avid)
2019, Various True Crime Series and Reality Shows, Assistant Editor / Assembly Editor
David Parisian
2019, untold stories of the ER, Principal
Duncan McLellan
2019, Unexpected Killer Ep102, Eric Wolfe
Nerissa Bradley
2019, Unexpected Killer Ep. 104, Genore/Lead
Adam Daniel Mezei
2019, Unexpected Killer, Medical Examiner
Hamilton, Ontario
Stuart Constable
2019, Unexpected Killer, Principal
Zahid Ahmed
Zahid Ahmed
2019, Unexpected Killer, Actor/ Micheal Swartz
Natasha Fiorino
2019, Unexpected Killer, Mother/Large Principal
Ed A Valtenbergs
2019, Unexpected Killer, Inspector Lawrence
William Merrylees
2019, Unexpected killer, Lead Detective
Zahid Ahmed
Zahid Ahmed
Voice Over: Canadian
2019, UNEXPECTED KILLER, Actor/Micheal Swartz
Theresa Kowall-Shipp
2019, Unboxed with Nikki Chu, Director

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