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The Actor Awareness campaign run by Tom Stocks, it's a campaign fighting to have more equality and diversity in the industry, no matter your background or financial restraints. The campaign is rapidly gathering support from all corners of the industry. The response being from social media, newspapers, radio, bloggers has been overwhelming. The campaign has grown from strength to strength over the past year with our live interview on ITV news, our anonymous £1000 donation and various projects being set up each month. So Actor Awareness is here to not just build a campaign but create a community and a voice full of support and opportunities for actors, writers and directors. The arts industry as a whole is becoming far to elitist, opportunities being given to the working class has plummeted over the past decade. A recent study from Goldsmiths University proves this by saying only 10% of actors are coming from a working class background. Routes into the industry are dominated by finance, with drama school tuition and audition fees constantly rising. Talks of elitism and classism in the arts are quickly swept under the rug and never really fall into the bracket of equality and diversity, which is why we want to make a change. Hopefully with this campaign we are building we can start giving help and potentially a doorway into the industry to people who need it.

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