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Angel Productions has a well-established track record for making video products on equality and diversity issues. It is particularly strong on the “shadow side” of behaviour at work, tackling subjects such as harassment and poor attitudes towards disability. Its portfolio occupies a distinctive niche in the market, offering resources that are outside the mainstream production catalogues of training videos.

Connected mandy members:

Jenny Xueer Wan
2018, The Bad Supervision Video, Chen
Martin Edwards
2018, The Bad Supervision Video, Josh
Kerri Hedley-Cheney
Emily Swain
Emily Swain
2018, Supervision, Professor Janet Brunt
Jamie Langlands
2018, Bad Supervision, Tom
Anna Sofia
Anna Sofia
2018, Bad Supervision, Jessica
Andrew Baguley
2018, Bad Supervision, Hugh
Rebecca Wilde
2016, What's Next?, Interviewer 1
Royal Holloway
Heather Darcy
2016, The Good Viva Video, Rachel
Heather Darcy
2016, The 'What Next?' Video, Rachel
Helen Jessica Liggat
2016, Phd 'What Next' Video, Claire
James Sutherland
2016, Good Viva Video, Gerry Barrington
Rajesh Kalhan
2016, Good Viva Guide, Pradip Patel, Panel Chair
Heather Darcy
2014, The PhD Survival Video, Rachel
Sarah-Jane Vincent
2014, Nunsense (Edinburgh Fringe), Reverend Mother
Paradise In Augustines
Christopher Dunne
2013, The Good Upgrade Video, Mike Parker
Toni Brooks
Toni Brooks
2013, The Good Upgrade, Assessor
Heather Darcy
2012, The Good Upgrade Video, Rachel
Rachel Howells
2012, The Good Upgrade, Barbara
Heather Darcy
2011, The Good Doctorate Video, Rachel

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