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Community Fundraising Intern. Project managing ‘World Water Day’ street collections. Liaising with local councils, MP’s, universities, and various community groups and local media.

Connected mandy members:

Hannah Woolfson
2019, The Burden of Inheritance, Editor
Emal Saifi
Emal Saifi
2019, Peaky Bleeders, British Soldier
Nick Kachibaia
Nick Kachibaia
Director of Photography
2018, Stand up for Clean Water, Cinematographer
Harry Winterbottom
2016, Water Aid, Pete
Abdul Hakim Joy
2016, Grain Media, Office Worker
Loren Bow
Loren Bow
Voice Over: English
2016, Do Their Business, Jenny
Matthew Fryer
Matthew Fryer
Editor (Assistant)
2014, Wateraid - WASH Practitioner's Toolkit, Director, Editor, Animator.
Daniel Lowenstein
2013, WaterAid Advert, Dance Artist
Stephanie Marie DeWards
2013, Water Aid Promotional Short Film, Humanitarian
Melina Theocharidou
Melina Theocharidou
Voice Over: Greek
2011, English VO, WaterWorks Campaign
Hayley Norris
2009, Raising Awareness, 70's Siren

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