Taylor Herring

At Taylor Herring we bridge the gap between social and news media with disruptive and provocative campaigns that capture the imagination, deliver headlines and inspire people to action.

We devise ongoing fame strategies for clients, executing newsworthy campaigns supported with creative photography and video content.

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Members of The Mandy Network who have worked for Taylor Herring

  • Paul Woodbridge
    Paul Woodbridge , member of public
    • Samsung The modern classics
  • Tedroy Newell
    Tedroy Newell , Modelled/voice acted/voice over for the central character Fred, a hyper-realistic robot.
    • Promotion of Westworld 2 (on behalf of Now TV)
    • London: On location
  • Tedroy Newell
    Tedroy Newell , Voice of the central character Fred, a hyper-realistic robot.
    • Promotiom of Westworld 2
  • Carlo Vera
    Carlo Vera , Runner
    • Pimms Promo
  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones , Local Resident
    • Paddy Power - Drunk Tank
  • Victoria Watkins
    Victoria Watkins , Background artist
    • Paddy Power
  • Louie Dee
    Louie Dee , Crew member
    • Hollywood - Catch up if you can (EasyJet)
    • Southend Airport
  • Mark Faulkner
    Mark Faulkner , Happy Customer
    • Greggs Christmas online advert
  • Stuart Laurie
    Stuart Laurie , Runner
    • Fanta Commercial
  • Sujal Shah
    Sujal Shah , Extra
    • Fanta Commercial
  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones , Shopper in Supermarket
    • Fanta - Flavour Election
  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones , Janitor
    • Catch Me If You Can
  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones , Museum goer
    • BBC - Top Gear - The Stig at Madame Tussauds Stunt
  • David Landau
    David Landau , Extra - passenger on train enjoying VR experience
    • VR Train Video
  • Matt Johnston
    Matt Johnston , Gent in Top Hat
    • Paddy Power
    • Petts Wood
  • Deone Jackson
    Deone Jackson , Airport Passengers
    • EasyJet Lights
  • ieva Yoyo
    ieva Yoyo , Freelance Motion & Graphic Designer
    • Creative Brand Communications
  • Josh Marshall
    Josh Marshall , Producer / Director
    • Commercials & Content for Pimms, Sacla, Lego, Easyjet, Samsung & more
  • Fiona Thompson
    Fiona Thompson , Executive airline passenger
    • ‘Hey Hollywood’ EasyJet female pilot recruitment
    • Southend Airport
  • Mel Shiri
    Mel Shiri , London Underground Commuter
    • Thorpe Park's Fright Nights 'Platform 15' Launch Stunt

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Taylor Herring (PR firm), Taylor Herring Ltd.