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We write, produce and build digital experiences for advertising and entertainment.

A good story is made with simple ingredients—suspense, pacing, character, twists and turns. We take those ingredients and use them inside new and distinctive online worlds. We create stories you can explore and engage with, stories that ask you to participate. The idea is to make it personal. Story technology links up what a character’s looking for with what you’re looking for, whether in a web application or an advertising film. It’s about discovering the best way to make a piece of media both interactive and intimate. That means we’re constantly innovating, searching for the ideal match of narrative and digital technique.
story technicians

story technicians

The upset team comes from a strong filmmaking background. We know visual storytelling and production from the inside. We also bring an array of digital and web-based expertise. This combination makes us uniquely qualified as story technicians who can develop a project from conception to delivery. By drawing on our tight group of professionals for the brainstorming, writing, production, and post-work, a project gets consistent and focused attention. We like to take on a challenge; we like to push ourselves. Our philosophy is that if we’re excited coming up with an imaginative story, or a new kind of interactive feature, chances are the customer will be excited by it too.

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