Dende Collective

Dende (den-dê) n. in Portuguese is the name of the bright orange palm oil used to enrich certain dishes, mainly used in the northeast region of Brazil.

London based theatre company Dende Collective was created in 1999 and most of our work to date has had a strong Brazilian flavour to it, and like the dishes cooked with the Dende oil, Dende Collective’s shows are a savoury feast, often with an international feel to them, bringing together a rich mixture of styles and visual elements.

Dende shows bring to the stage the exciting cultural mixture that makes London one of the most vibrant cities in the planet, attracting to the theatre a wide range of diverse audiences.

In 2003, we became an associate theatre company of the Oval House Theatre and our work featured in the Arts Council Decibel booklet ‘Promoting Diversity’.

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