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In 2005 Avalon celebrated its 60th anniversary.

The Society began its life during the war, believe it or not, as a ladies' sewing circle. They met regularly making much needed items of clothing and doing their bit for the war effort and as they worked so they sang. They then hit upon the idea of performing small concerts and by doing so brought much joy and comfort to many in those dark days. As their popularity grew, so they became more and more in demand. When the war finally ended, the ladies took the decision to form themselves into a society and thus The Avalon Light Operatic Society was born.

Gradually their menfolk returned from the war and they were quickly roped in and they were able to stage more ambitious productions, such as Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, in a church hall. The society flourished and it became apparent that, as the membership and standard of performance rose rapidly, a larger venue was needed and so the society moved to the Stanley Halls, South Norwood. Here, for many years, full scale operettas such as Die Fledermaus and the Merry Widow were performed with great success. But as the years passed and public taste changed so Avalon adapted accordingly and added the Musical to its repertoire.

Since those days we have given a performance of Operetta or Musical every year, whilst in between Shows have given concerts and Old Time Music Halls for hospitals and senior citizens homes.
The last few years we have performed at the "Secombe Theatre", and have found that along with its excellent facilities a new and appreciative audience have been added to our friends.

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