RTÉ is the public service broadcaster of Ireland. It both produces programmes and broadcasts on television, radio and the Internet. The radio service began on 1 January 1926,[5] while regular television broadcasts began on 31 December 1961,[6] making it one of the oldest continuously operating public service broadcasters in the world.

RTÉ is a statutory body run by a board appointed by the Irish Government. General management of the organisation is in the hands of the Executive Board headed by the Director-General.

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Alternative Company Names

R.T.E. One., RTE, RTE 1 & RTE 2, RTE 2FM, RTE Drama, RTE DUBLIN, RTE Ireland, RTE News, RTÉ One, RTE Players, RTE Productions, RTÉ Television, RTE Television, RTE Television, Ireland, RTE Televison, RTE TV, Rte(Sterling Productions), RTE/BBC, RTE/Parallel Films, RTE/Screentime Shinawil, The Final Furlong Films LTD Ireland