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Kingsway Films
Kingsway Films is a creative film production company which represents directors and writers. The company was established in 2003 in order to produce British films that have an international appeal. Our films aim to tell stories that are free from the confines of passing trends - cinematic narratives made with a style that will stand the test of time to be enjoyed over and again.
Kingsway Films intends to produce a new-wave of grown-up British films and also to blur the distinction between British, European and Independent American cinema. Kingsway Films produces high quality, distinctive and internationally appealing movies on modest budgets to maximise the potential profitability for each film.

In addition, Kingsway Films has a small and experienced commercials and music video department, for selected projects.

Reg Traviss
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Reg Traviss is a writer & director. He has directed two theatrical feature films which have been distributed internationally and has worked across Britain and abroad directing talent from Hollywood, the UK and continental Europe. Reg previously directed television Idents and mood-films for BBC Choice (now BBC Three).
Alex Harvey
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Alex Harvey is an experienced television drama director. He has directed and produced television films and documentary-drama for the BBC and Channel Four and was staff for the latter during the 1990s. Alex has directed short film for theatrical release and has worked extensively in the UK, Europe and the USA.
Bryan Loftus BSC
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Bryan Loftus is a widely experienced feature film Cinematographer & award winning Commercials director. He has directed & photographed television commercials and music videos since the late 1980s and has worked for advertisers in the UK, Europe and USA. Bryan also has photographed and directed Shorts & TV Documentaries.
Richard Raynesford
Richard Raynesford is an in-house Executive Producer and script editor for Kingsway Films. He is also a seasoned film & television actor who has worked throughout the USA and UK, and continues to play in film and on stage. In addition Richard has a background in sports journalism and has written for various publications.
Katrena Rochell
Katrena Rochell is an Executive Producer for Kingsway Films and works independently as a producer. She is also an experienced screen actress who has featured in studio films, independent films, TV commercials and in critically acclaimed television drama. Katrena works as a producer and actress in her native USA and in the UK.
Rupert Ingram
Rupert Ingram is an in-house Executive Producer for Kingsway Films. He is widely experienced in film finance, film tax-relief funding, and in international co-productions, and has assisted in the funding of numerous feature films and slate-projects. Rupert's pre-film credentials include property, finance, and mergers & acquisitions.

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