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Founded by Leo Baker, Sync first experimented with the horror genre and attempted the visualisation of a couple of one off-the-wall scripts before accepting their first paid music video production in 2000. Undaunted by the task, Sync continued to pursue the horror genre and have now gathered a team of horror SPFX specialists ready for the venture.

Since that time, Sync have been making a variety of different types of music video, rap videos, R&B music videos, dance videos, fashion videos, theatrical videos, TV presenter & actors showreels, infomercials and have recently been invited to pitch for a PPB (party political broadcast video) on behalf of a major political party.

Adrian Thurston joined the company in 2003 after having worked with Leo on a feature film titled SMILE and finding that there were many similarities in their working relationship and their business aims. Four other directors have joined the team over the past three years adding skill and expertise to the compliment of creative and technical talent available to the Sync production team.

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