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HT Productions is a Production Company formed by Humphrey Truman nearly ten years ago. It was originally named Education through Theatre. This original name was eventually deemed to be too solemn and serious, giving an inaccurate impression of its aspirations, so the Company has been renamed HT Productions. All its activities so far have been Musical Productions in the field of light family entertainment. It is based in Central London, UK.
Humphrey Truman and Virginia Wade
are honoured by the by the late Pope John Paul II

Humphrey Truman was in business as a Chartered Accountant for twenty five years, after serving a short period as a Royal Air Force Officer (non flying). As a young adult, sports were a great interest, but that interest has waned with the passage of time. Having been regularly and extensively among audiences in London's Theatreland during the years in business, since then a new exciting career in the Arts, theatre and film, as writer, director and producer has opened up.

The Production Company was formed initially to produce "THE MAN WHO KNOWS", a new original Musical in the Musical Theatre tradition. The story was written by Humphrey Truman, and has been self published in book form - the short book is available for purchase. It is not a children's story, but for the general public of all ages.

The Composer of the music and songs of the Musical was Shaun Purcell, an Irishman living in County Kildare not far from Dublin. Shaun Purcell had the experience of writing original musicals, both words and music, for many years. He had several productions on both the amateur and professional stage in Dublin; all his works reached the stage of being performed successfully. " THE MAN WHO KNOWS " was the first presentation of his work in London.

The story of "THE MAN WHO KNOWS" is both dateless and placeless. It is best performed as a contemporary piece. It is not surreal, nor is it intended to be disrespectful to anyone. It illustrates some phenomena which are part of every day life in our current society. A group of citizens, just a small sample including a businessman, a career woman, a young carer, an intellectual, a bureaucrat, a grandmother, a schoolboy, gather to journey to meet THE MAN WHO KNOWS who will answer their questions. Or perhaps not.

It follows that there are roles in the production for females mostly in their 20s and males both young and middle aged.

Connected mandy members:

Dejon Mullings
2013, Mobile Phone Show, Lead
Jennifer Martin
2013, Into the Uncanny Valley, Sophie
BATS Theatre
Dan Styles
Dan Styles
2006, The Man Who Knows, Woody Wilson
GBS Theatre, RADA
Jean-Baptiste FILLON
2006, The man who knows, Rupert
GBS Theatre, RADA
Phil Pritchard
2006, The Man Who Knows, The Man Who Knows
George Bernard Shaw Theatre - RADA
Drea King
Drea King
2006, The Man Who Knows, Rupert
GBS Theatre

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