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Once upon a time, in a land not far from here there lay a little egg. The egg was loved and nurtured day after day, night after night until finally one day, when the sun was high and the sky was clear the shell cracked open and out popped not one but a flurry of little chicks (three to be precise).

The three chicks put their very fluffy heads together, tweaked their feathers and went beak first into developing for the community their desire for drama, their passion for performance and their craving for creation. Days of hard work went by, months of ideas were thrown into the nest and years of getting themselves known rolled on. Schools became introduced to the fluffy three, clients from councils, PCTs, educational organisations and many more crossed their paths and worked closely with the three chicks. Then just like three green bottles sitting on a wall one little chick happened to fall, not literally but decided to explore other avenues whilst helping out when they could . Then there were two. Two fluffy chicks clucking in the coup.

Eventually as pages of the calendar turned and new diaries were bought each Christmas, the two fluffy chicks grew and grew, their ideas and projects now bursting from the seams of their little chick jackets. Eventually, almost without realising the chicks turned into HENs and thus evolved HENs Theatre Company.
Phillip Lawrence Award

In 2003 HENs Theatre Company were fortunate enough to win The Phillip Lawrence Award, which recognises outstanding work and contributions to the community.

HENs had the pleasure of being presented with their award by Sir Trevor McDonald, David Blunkett and Frances Lawrence at a very lavish award ceremony in Central London, having previously spent the day being invited into Westminter Abbey.

Arts Award Scheme

Alongside some of our projects we now actively encourage and support young people to partake in Arts Awards; a scheme which enables young people to not only be awarded a certificate as proof of their hard work on a set project but also a qualification at GCSE level.

At present both of HENs co-founders Emily and Natalie are Arts Award assessors at Bronze and Silver level.

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Alternative Company Names

hens tc, hens theatre, hens theatre co, hens theatre co.