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"One thing that has stuck is the Miskin Theatre’s ethos - we train together and as actors we have a social responsibility."
Dominic Power
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The Miskin has been building it’s reputation since 1991.

An innovator, a patron and producer of new works, a challenger and defender of old works, a supporter of young companies and young actors, dancers, musicians, designers, technicians and directors.

Nothing is quite like the Miskin, rooted in old fashioned ideas from the early 20th century which appear so radical in the 21st century, perhaps it is timely to re-evaluate the old dead practitioners in our role as new live practitioners, to view our practice as educators as well as directors.

It is a real truth that any good director is, by definition, a teacher else we preclude sharing our ideas and our visions with our companies and with our audiences.

The Miskin, our house, is open but intimate, theatre is about possession and the Miskin is possessed. It’s possessed by the work we make and by the extraordinary energies that the companies of actors, dancers, designers, musicians and technicians bring to the place and leave behind them when they move on.

The Miskin is about the work and that is about the artists who make the work. 18 years since I came to set up the Miskin I am still learning, I am still working towards finishing what I set out to do and I am still realising that I need to find out more.

The Miskin is a real theatre, a real opportunity for a shared experience and as such is a real centre of educational and artistic excellence. The Miskin Theatre is committed to producing and hosting excellence, new work is among our strengths and new approaches to classic work is our forte.

It is a vibrant, intimate theatre with an atmosphere that only comes from a working producing house - not a dead nook or cranny to be found.

Artistic Director, The Miskin Theatre

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