Tamasha Theatre Company

Tamasha means commotion, creating a stir.

Our goal is to transform theatre to create a space where British Asian talent takes centre stage, through original writing and productions that provoke debate, ideas, passion and laughter. Tamasha is the product of a unique partnership between director Kristine Landon-Smith and actor / playwright Sudha Bhuchar. Together they have inspired and challenged audiences for over 18 years with major productions from their debut Untouchable, through to Tamasha-commissioned East is East and Balti Kings and the recently acclaimed A Fine Balance and Wuthering Heights.

At Tamasha the writing comes first. We are major investors in new writing, with the aim of retelling our histories, revealing the hidden stories and sharing the complexities of the world with modern theatre audiences. We draw on history, culture and evolving languages to evoke the complexities and subtleties of cultural connection and difference.

Tamasha productions do more than tell a story. They reflect an approach which is curious about the world - sophisticated, fearless and funny. A key part of our mission is to take our stories to a national and increasingly international audience.

Tamasha is more than theatre production. We are nurturers of artistic talent and innovative practice. Through our programme Tamasha Developing Artists, we have been able to discover and support new Asian artists of all disciplines. Our Development Awards provide direct support for promising artists and enable Tamasha to pioneer the showcasing of original work from British Asian playwrights, directors and designers.

Today, Tamasha is embarking upon a new phase, to grow the hub we have created for the best in British Asian talent, the platform for challenging new work and the catalyst for a real change in the way theatre tells all our stories.

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