Premier Pantomimes

Premier Pantomimes is a new company with an experienced team who provide a real alternative to over-inflated and "Adult" pantomimes, which audiences are becoming disillusioned with in the panto world.

We present high quality truly traditional family pantomime, working very closely with the theatre on budgets and marketing, maximising production values with a view to delivering a quality and profitable production.

Premier Pantomimes combines the talents of the already existing companies of Newpalm Productions, Robert Warner Productions and S. Morrison Productions, to form a new and highly exciting team to bring you exactly what you want at the price you want, and with the kind of love for theatre that is needed to produce a truly spectacular production and make it worthy of a child's first theatrical experience.

There is always some one at hand with Premier Pantomimes to keep close and constant "hands on" contact with the theatre, to make sure all areas are being looked after and maximised at all times.

Each member brings a strength to the company; Stuart Morrison will work closely with the theatre at all times to make sure things are running smoothly, from casting to costume fittings, to choosing the babes and arranging press calls e.t.c.

Robert Warner brings his many years of marketing, production and events organisation to the production and John Newman and Newpalm Productions who bring the true wealth of knowledge, support and backup that can only be gained by having 38+ years experience of top theatrical production.

Whether budgeting for an all name cast or a company show, Premier Pantomimes is the Real Alternative!!!!

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