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So you have written that great script, what do you do now?

You want to get it made into a movie. So you send it out to production companies and find that they do not take scripts from new writers without representation.

You need an agent or a manager, sounds easy . . .

Most agents and managers don not take on new writers. They do not want to read your script, even if it is great. Been there, done that. So why are 555 Films different?

We have decided to focus on new writers and directors. We read your script and if we like it all you need do is sign a simple contract for 10 % and we will send your scripts out to production companies.

Simply E-mail your script as a PDF or Final Draft file to us at scripts@555films.net and include a short synopsis.

If you have a low budget movie we may even decide to produce it ourselves.

If you are a production company interested seeing scripts from new writers, send your details to us at producer@555films.net and we will add you to our spec sales list.

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