Alter Ego Theatre Company


As a venue we're all about New Writing.
As a company...

We wish to remain undefined. We wish to produce and perform classical, contemporary, innovative and new theatre. We wish to work in theatres, schools, colleges and other educational environments - not only teaching performance skills but working creatively and imaginatively to tackle a range of subjects and issues.

We wish to work with local communities, helping to identify and implement projects that are relevant and beneficial to them. We wish to work with local practitioners from a range of diverse arts backgrounds - whether professional, student or amateur - to collaborate, inspire, develop and create new work. We wish to work with local companies to help them to improve their communication and creative skills. We wish to work with young people teaching the discipline, skills and techniques that they’ll need to become the creative practitioners of the future.

We wish to empower, educate, include and inspire disengaged young people and adults. We wish to find creative solutions to social issues. We wish to constantly challenge and be challenged. We wish to be stretched and provoked. We wish to try and to fail. We wish to try and to succeed. We wish to undertake any task - no matter how big or how small and engage, empower, inspire, educate, entertain, include, interact, collaborate, learn and create. We wish...

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Alternative Company Names

alter ego tc, alter ego theatre co, alter ego theatre co., AlterEgo Creative Solutions, alterEgo theatre