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The founding principles of the London School of Dramatic Art continue to remain the essence of what makes this school a unique and refreshing place to train. At the LSDA we encourage team spirit by getting our students to work as an ensemble with directors and crew. The acting profession is often a collaborative endeavour and part of the training is to prepare students for the demands of working in the theatre and film as a member of the cast.

We foster a spirit of trust and courage in our students because we believe actors need to take risks. We encourage individuality and try to draw out the special talents in each and every one of our students. They are taught that a fine performer will have a strong sense of self but is unafraid to subsume it to a dramatic role.

The LSDA admits only a limited number of students each year because we want to maintain a close-knit learning environment. We believe this sets the right scene for growth and development for an actor.

Connected mandy members:

Panagiota Avramopoulou
2019, Two noble kinsmen, Jail's daughter
Panagiota Avramopoulou
2019, The priory, Laura
Céline Dubois
2019, Swallow, Anna
Christiana Siamanta
2019, South Kentish Town Station, Mia
Union Theatre
Panagiota Avramopoulou
2019, Screwed, Luce
Taighan Melloy
2019, Rabbit, Bella
Céline Dubois
2019, Mrs Klein, Mrs Klein
Panagiota Avramopoulou
2019, Measure Measure, Provost/Marianna
Valeria Bello
2019, Measure for Measure, Escalus/Mistress Overdone/Juliet/Friar
Orlando Museo
2019, Measure for Measure, Angelo
Panagiota Avramopoulou
2019, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth
Sorcha Dawson
2019, Darknet, Stacey & Lawyer
The Union Theatre
Orlando Museo
2019, Darknet, Steve, Paramedic 1
Sorcha Dawson
2019, Attempts On Her Life, Various Roles
Drayton Arms Theatre
Orlando Museo
2019, Attempts on her life, Ensemble
Sorcha Dawson
2019, All's Well That Ends Well, Helena
Nick Wynter
Nick Wynter
2018, Ugly Duck, Dennis
Oettie Devriese
2018, Three Sisters, Masha
Caecilia Levos
2018, The Skriker, Lily
The Drayton Arms
Gloria Berton
2018, The Skriker, Skriker (Derelict woman, Small child, Marie)
Drayton Arms Theatre

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