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Formosa are committed to building a sustainable and profitable British film company by creating quality projects written by the best writers in the business and working with talented teams of people.

We believe that talent and hard work should be rewarded and nurtured by strong company management and by negotiating the balance back in favour of the film-makers rather than financiers and middle men.

Not only are we producing British films intended to rival the best in the world, we are also leading the cutting edge in film financing methods, to ensure our films get made just the way we want.

The UK is known for strongly authored and quirky, brilliant films like Trainspotting, The Long Good Friday and The Full Monty. We believe that British films should not slavishly copy established American genres but get back to the core values of successful, UK, breakout hits by pushing the envelope and encouraging our writers to dream big. Formosa believes that success depends on creating unique stories that transcend gritty reality and enter the realms of aesthetics, style and the imagination.

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Alternative Company Names

fomosa films, Formosa, Formosa Film, Formosa Films Production, Formossa Film Productions