New Moon

As the only London-based production company to work across Advertising, Broadcast, and Corporate Films, New Moon is a forerunner of imaginary, engaging and utterly creative film-making that has been pushing boundaries for the past decade. We know how to make the programmes in between the ads as well as the commercials in between the TV-programmes, and firmly believe that a successful film is all about understanding your audience.

We’ve been commissioned to create films for marketing, branding, public relations, internal communications, business television, recruitment, training, award ceremonies, events, fundraising and Olympic bids, and produce content not only for TV and cinema but increasingly also for the internet and mobile phones.

Our unusually multi-skilled team has won countless awards including at the New York Festivals and the IVCA, and our directors have experience in working across all three of our divisions.

Over the past 12 months New Moon have set two sister companies – a feature film division called Moongate Films, currently in pre-production on its first project with Paramount Pictures/Nickleodeon, and Cheddar, a boutique proposition which focuses on producing small-budget yet high-quality audiovisual content for podcasts, webcasts, virals, EPKs, internal corporate communication, and IPTV.

We pride ourselves on being open-minded, budget-conscious, process-obsessed and creatively pragmatic. The most important part of our job is to help you do yours – and we never forget that.

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Alternative Company Names

New Moon Production, New Moon Productions, New Moon Television, New Moon TV, New Moon TV Productions, New Moon/ ITV