Slate 4 Films

Slate 4 Films is an independent British film production company, based in London.

Our goal is simple: to produce four high quality, low cost feature films featuring great actors, terrific storylines and glorious locations with a thumping soundtrack to boot and to release them in the UK and internationally. In the process we aim to return a handsome profit to our investors and to develop further feature films for production.

Until very recently, it was almost impossible to produce a feature film in the UK for less than £1 million without sacrificing quality and respectability – according to the BFI, the median budget of British films was £2.9 million in 2003.

All of that has changed with the advent of high definition digital film camera systems – from the Red to the Arri Alexa – which are now being used by mainstream, big budget Hollywood productions.

The cost savings on film stock and processing costs have led to a breakthrough for low budget filmmaking, with nearly two thirds of all British films produced over the last three years for less than £500,000.

We are currently in pre-production on our first feature, the crime thriller TWO DAYS IN THE SMOKE starring Stephen Marcus (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Velibor Topic (Snatch, Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood) with filming due to start in March 2012. This will be followed by the Bollywood musical BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE INDIA, the comedy of horrors CURIOSITY KILLS and finally TAFF’S GOLD, a comedy caper about stolen Nazi gold hidden in a sleepy Welsh village.

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