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eveloping Talent & Revitalising the Industry based in St John’s Church (Stratford). In its brick walled dungeons is Ape-Media (Enterprising Britain & Europe Winner), chained to their telephones and laptops in a bid to think up cool ideas which will engage, develop and build the young generation; and communities of Londoners. Sounds tough? It’s not over.

After thinking up these brilliant ideas the Ape- Medians step out from underneath Stratford’s landmark of community and go through negations, presentations, management, funding, smiling, planning, evaluating, recruiting, and did I say smiling? All to bring the people of the future creative and media courses, events, training and more, in a bid to provide up and coming Producers, Filmmakers, Fashion Designers, Journalists, Event Planners and Presenters the experience, confidence, qualifications and links to go far. Because they want you to go far ☺ (if they didn’t they’d be working in MacDonald’s trying to get you obese!).

So that’s what Ape-Medians do, the company on a whole is a charitable (non-for-profit) greenhouse, a platform for talent to grow and flourish. But who are they you ask? They’re old forgetful coffee drinking hippies. Okay not really, they are cool, funny, down to earth yet inspirational people who are focused on providing the best, for you.

Connected mandy members:

Jamie Fillery
2014, Docklands, Richard Barker
Sophia Sinclair
2013, Bad Kids, Miss Evans/Yasmine

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