Future Ruins

Often, but not exclusively, Future Ruins works from existing source material. These sources can range from music, cinema, literature, architecture and philosophy to sometimes a single figure or idea. The sources are very rarely turned into straight adaptations but instead their spirit is used as a springboard for an entirely separate creation.

Our productions are made over extensive development periods, including research, rehearsal, live performances and tours. Projects are frequently returned to and re-worked over time, eliminating the idea of a ‘definitive’ version of any show. The aim is for each production to be a kind of band, with key members who practise together, tour together, take a break and regroup with new energy and ideas.

Our objectives change with each project or with each new phase of an existing project. Recently we have been working with structured improvisation, experimenting with different ways of creating and presenting text and establishing a fresh theatrical communication between art forms.

All of the above is, of course, subject to revision depending on our changing interests, passions, circumstances and ambitions.

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