Young peoples Theatre company, based in Woolwhich.

aims … To provide a wide range of opportunities for young people to learn through drama and theatre arts.

To provide enjoyable, innovative and challenging drama and theatre experiences, within which young people feel free and able to participate.

To enable young people to develop a critical awareness of themselves as social beings, and to question the world in which we live.

To enable young people to develop confidence, self-esteem, the ability to work co-operatively, and to be empowered to take control over their own learning and lives.

To enable young people to respect, share, understand, enjoy and celebrate the experience and culture of others.

To enable young people to develop creatively, the languages and communication skills of theatre and drama.

To enable the fullest access possible to all young people.

To take positive action to ensure the participation of those whom society has made powerless.

To develop and disseminate our methodology with youth community, education and theatre workers, locally, nationally and internationally

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Alternative Company Names

Greenwich & Lewisham Youth Theatre, Greenwich and Lewisham Young Peoples' Theatre, Greenwich and Lewisham's Young People's Theatre, GYLPT