Storms Edge Productions

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Who We Are
Established in 2010, Storms Edge Productions is a small film and television production company based in West Sussex, however with a growing reputation around the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
Our Aim
It is the mission of Storms Edge Productions to create original and high quality films regardless of a budget. We aim to spark a new generation of filmmaking, which will encourage aspiring filmmakers to start their own professional-standard films and production companies. Storms Edge Productions strives to make films and television programs of all genres, to suit the taste of all audiences.

We aspire to help young filmmakers and promote their needs and dedication as they work their way into the film industry. It is the aim of Storms Edge Productions to start a new line of young filmmakers who can produce unique films, and salute their talents, making them recognized by the larger areas of the film industry.

Connected mandy members:

Rebekah Daven Watson
2011, Death Korps, Lieutenant Rachel Shepperd
Lexi Wolfe
Lexi Wolfe
2011, Death Korps, Jeri Griffiths

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Alternative Company Names

StormEdge Productions, Storms Edge Productions Ltd