National Health Service.

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Members of Mandy Crew USA who have worked for NHS

  • Claire Louise Heffron
    Claire Louise Heffron , Voice over actress
    • NHS
  • Anthony Collier
    Anthony Collier , Bernard Williams
    • Mock CSA doctors exams
    • Wellfield Health Centre 116 Oldham Road, Rochdale OL11 1AD also at Waters Green medical centre, Macclesfield
  • Olena Nealy __
    Olena Nealy __ , Consultant
  • Irene Bradshaw
    Irene Bradshaw , Jane Brown
    • Medical Finals
    • Luton and Dunstable Hospital
  • Karen Cartwright
    Karen Cartwright , Parent of a dying child undergoing withdrawal of care and transfer to a hospice. All day workshop of a journey with parents of a dying child and the transfer of care from hospital to hospice.
    • Compassionate Extubation. ITU to Hospice.
    • Clinical Simulation Centre Great Ormond Street Hospital London WC1N3JH.
  • Steve Hay
    Steve Hay , patient
    • Communication skills
  • Jahmene Hastings
    Jahmene Hastings , Voiceover artist
    • Birmingham Women's and Children Hospital internal
  • Natasha Little
    Natasha Little , Receptionist
  • Jack Carey
    Jack Carey , Vision Mixer and Head Camera Operator
    • Time to Talk Day Live Production
  • Hayley Doherty
    Hayley Doherty , Nurse Stewart
    • Thinking Differently
  • Francesca Marago
    Francesca Marago , Voiceover
    • The Signs and Symptoms of Deep Vein Thrombosis
    • University of Portsmouth/ James Watson West
  • Kia Brame
    Kia Brame , Mental Health patient
    • The Royal College of Emergency Medicine- 50 Celebrating Years of Emergency Medicine
    • The Leeds Royal Infirmary
  • Daneka Etchells
    Daneka Etchells , Staff Nurse
    • TalkSafe NHS Training Video
  • Peyton-Pixie Jowers
    Peyton-Pixie Jowers , Grown up lead
    • Stoptober
  • Tippy Elgar
    Tippy Elgar , Paranoid
    • Slo Mo app
    • London
  • Nicola Bernardelle
    Nicola Bernardelle , Gail/Doris
    • Safeside Community Nursing Project
    • Safeside Learning Centre
  • Angela Ness
    Angela Ness , Narrator
    • Nurses and Midwives Registartion
  • Amy Thompson
    Amy Thompson , Costume Designer
    • NHS- Organ Donation Commercial
  • Davina Moon
    Davina Moon , Surgeon
    • NHS Training Video

NHS Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

Birmingham NHS Trust, National Health Service, NHS - North Lincs, NHS (UK), NHS Buckinghamshire, NHS Direct, NHS Drink:Aware 2008, NHS edgeware, NHS Education, NHS Foundation Trust, NHS Hair Straightener Danger, NHS Lincolnshire, NHS Midlands & East, NHS Professional, NHS Scotland, nhs service, NHS Training Video, NHS Trust, NHS Wales, NHS Wessex, NHS- Mental Health, The NHS