Dead Earnest

Founded in 1993 we began life bringing new and established work to unconventional and accessible performance spaces, then went on to produce and tour our own work in theatre venues across the country and continue to use drama and theatre techniques to engage in debates, raise questions and rehearse answers.

We are now a Company of skilled writers, directors, workshop leaders and facilitators that uses experience and expertise to create work which focusses on human behaviour and interaction. We still often use performance, workshops and roleplay, but no longer rely on conventional theatre audiences coming to see our work.We create our own projects and work with partners and clients to create work that is engaging and accessible, often produced for a specific audience or "community of interest" and always with a strong sense of audience consultation and engagement and input.

We create work that is accessible to a wide range of people and can be taken to them, often in the form of a bespoke performance, tailored precisely to the concerns of the audience and delivered in their community or environment.

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Alternative Company Names

Dead Earnest Theatre, Dead Earnest Theatre Company