Thorny Devil Productions

Thorny Devil Productions started in 2010 with the co-production, funding and assistance in bringing in the team for a feature length horror/thriller shot in Santa Cruz, California.
Since then, the Thorny Devil team has grown and joined creative forces; bringing in a wealth of experience. The team have all worked as professionals in Theatre, Film and Television over the last 15 years. During that time, they have also worked together on stage, on set and behind the scenes, as well as following their individual career paths.
With a working knowledge of one another's skills, talent and the industry, the Thorny Devil team pull together to develop and bring to life the projects that inspire them, making a conscious decision to have more of a collaborative feel with people honing and expanding their already incredibly strong backgrounds.
The team has grown from strength to strength with Thorny Devil adding projects to an increasingly strong slate whilst collaborating with production companies both in the UK and US with the intention to create thought-provoking and independent film.

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