ACX is a marketplace where professional authors, agents, publishers, and other Rights Holders can post fallow audiobook rights..
At ACX, those unused audio rights will be matched with narrators, engineers, recording studios, and other Producers capable of producing a finished audiobook, as well as with audiobook publishers.

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Members of The Mandy Network who have worked for ACX

  • Ella Greenwood
    Ella Greenwood , Narrator
    • 180 Harry Potter Facts
  • Christopher Courtney
    Christopher Courtney , Narrator
    • You Can't Make Old Friends
  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez , Narrator
    • William Wallace: Una guía fascinante sobre un combatiente de la libertad y mártir que marcó la historia e independencia de Escocia de Inglaterra (Libro ... Book Version) (Spanish Edition) By Captivating History
  • Karl Nordman
    Karl Nordman , Narrator
    • Weedeaters, The Complete Acropalypse
  • Joshua Manning
    Joshua Manning , Narrator
    • Virtue - Sons of Scotland Book 1
  • Laura Brydon
    Laura Brydon , Narrator
    • Viola Pumpernickel and the Emerald Lady
  • Joshua Dickey
    Joshua Dickey , Narrator
    • Value Trading
  • Teresa Booth
    Teresa Booth , Narrator, male characters, female characters
    • The Wife, The Mistress, The Chick on the Side 3, Mini Hummingbird Gardening Guide: 7 Steps to Hummingbird Gardening,
  • Nigel Peever
    Nigel Peever , Narrator
    • The Water and the Wild
  • Steve Wawman
    Steve Wawman , Narrator and producer
    • The Wandering Star
  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez , Narrator
    • The Ultimate Spanish Phrase Book for Travelers of Spain or South America, Including Over 1000 Phrases for Accommodations, Eating, Traveling, Shopping, and More By Language Learning University
  • Jay Spaulding
    Jay Spaulding , Narrator
    • The Tennessee Youngster
  • Jac Knight
    Jac Knight , Narrator
    • The Soul Room
  • Claire Howes
    Claire Howes , Audiobook Narrator
    • The Rule of Thumb
  • Nigel Peever
    Nigel Peever , Narrator
    • The Place that Never Existed
  • Nigel Peever
    Nigel Peever , Narrator
    • The Man Who Was Thursday
  • Katrina Joyner
    Katrina Joyner , Narrator
    • The Magic Mushroom: Key to the Door to Eternity
    • Amazon Audible
  • Nigel Peever
    Nigel Peever , Narrator
    • The Killer. Book 1
  • Nigel Peever
    Nigel Peever , Narrator
    • The Innocence of Father Brown
  • Joel Schrank
    Joel Schrank , Producer/Narrator
    • The Henderson Equation

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