Sleepless Films

Established in London, UK, Sleepless Films was born out of the common feeling of ‘if you want it done, just do it yourself”.
After several brainstorms in the local, and a couple of proactive moves forward, we pooled our resources to form a filmmaker’s collective.

We are a group of uniquely talented individuals passionate about memorable story-telling. We work under the belief that anyonecan make good cinema, as long as they tell a story well (and not just a good story), and surround themselves with hard-working people
who share the same vision. We strive to create beautiful films that stay with you long after the credits finish rolling.

Our collective is made up of people who have each carved out their own niche. Working together in a collaborative effort, we keep
people doing what they do best at very high standards. At Sleepless Films, we are always open to meeting people who can bring new skills
and ideas to our table.

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