Kobal Theatre Company

KOBAL has no artistic merit whatsoever, nor do we want it, as art is about personal taste and shouldn't be categorised and analysed.

We believe theatre shouldn't be placed on an elitist pedestal but rather chucked around so that everyone can have a go, and as such KOBAL produce work that you can just sit back and enjoy - popcorn theatre if you will.

Our aim (such as it is) is to produce the type of original theatre that we would like to see ourselves. We enjoy complete artistic freedom, although this is largely because no-one has tried to stop us or ask exactly what it is we're doing.

KOBAL Theatre Company is made up of a core of writers and an affiliation of actors, technicians, musicians, and other hangers-on. It is an independent company based in Oldham, Lancashire.

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Connected mandy members:

Marcus McMillan
2007, Little Tin Rock God, Johnny Hicks
The Royal Exchange
Stephanie Lodge
2003, An Evening With Gary Linekar, Birgitta
Grange Arts Centre

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Alternative Company Names

Kobal, kobal tc, kobal theatre, kobal theatre co, kobal theatre co.