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Eyewitness has developed a unique brand of training that delivers specific learning outcomes in an engaging and thought-provoking style. Our ‘SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN’ modules are informed by the Every Child Matters protocols and the document 'Working Together'.

The programmes are specially structured using drama techniques that not only enhance learning outcomes but also promote more effective inter-agency communication and collaboration. Each programme offers an inter-active Forum Theatre Workshop that allows groups of delegates to engage in a dialogue with the ‘child’ or ‘family member’.

Our modules will actively encourage among professionals a belief that working together is the best way to promote families and safeguard the well being of children. Our performances evoke a sharper learning experience, providing a platform for constructive debate and an emphasis for greater focus on recommendations and improved practice.

The training is delivered in a blend of theatre and enquiry based learning. We tend to use task-based work packs rather than OHPs, PowerPoint or flip charts. Learning takes place in a non-threatening environment.

Our performances help professionals to learn without feeling intimidated.

All our performers have been especially trained and are sensitive to the roles and responsibilities of Child Protection professionals.
Our facilitators are practising Child Protection professionals

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